Concealed Pistol License - CPL

Concealed Pistol License fee is $105.00 

(This includes the cost for fingerprinting)

Pictures for your CPL can be taken at the clerk's office for $10.00

All applicants must come to the Mason Office to apply for a CPL.

Application and the requirements to obtain a  Concealed Pistol License Information Adobe Reader is Required to View the Link

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When applying for a new CPL you must bring the your original course completion certificate and your valid Michigan Driver's License or Michigan Identification Card.  The Clerk's office accepts cash, cashier check, check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. 

Once you have submitted your application to the Ingham County Clerk's Office and have been fingerprinted, your CPL application will be reviewed by the gun board. Please be advised that it can take up to 10 to 12 weeks for this process to be completed. Once the Board has reviewed your application and performed a background check, you will either receive your permit in the mail or receive notification asking you to appear before the gun board.

You will need to take your copy of the processed application from the Clerk's Office and your Michigan driver's license with you for fingerprinting.  Fingerprints are taken at the Ingham County Sheriff's Office located at 630 S. Cedar Street, Mason, MI. Please contact the Ingham County Sheriff's Office for hours of fingerprinting. 

To renew your CPL, you may submit an application to the County Clerk's Office located in Mason not more than six (6) months prior to expiration. The fee and the processing times are the same as if you are applying as a new applicant. Your permit will be mailed to you once it has been approved.


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