Statement of Vote
Ingham County

November 17, 2008 11:01 AM

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President and Vice-President of the US
US Senator
Representative in Congress 7th
Representative in Congress 8th
State Representative 67th
State Representative 68th
State Representative 69th
State Representative 71st
State Representative 85th
State Representative 93rd
Member of the State Board of Education
Member of the University of Michigan Regents
Member of the Michigan State Board of Trustees
Member of Wayne State University Board of Governor
Prosecuting Attorney
County Clerk
Register of Deeds
Drain Commissioner
Eaton Prosecuting Attorney
Eaton Sheriff
Eaton Clerk/Register of Deeds
Eaton Treasurer
Eaton Drain Commissioner
Clinton Prosecuting Attorney
Clinton Sheriff
Clinton County Clerk
Clinton Treasurer
Clinton Register of Deeds
Clinton Drain Commissioner
County Commissioner #1
County Commissioner #2
County Commissioner #3
County Commissioner #4
County Commissioner #5
County Commissioner #6
County Commissioner #7
County Commissioner #8
County Commissioner #9
County Commissioner #10
County Commissioner #11
County Commissioner #12
County Commissioner #13
County Commissioner #14
County Commissioner #15
County Commissioner #16
Eaton Commissioner #8
Clinton Commissioner #6
Alaiedon Township Supervisor
Alaiedon Township Clerk
Alaiedon Township Treasurer
Alaiedon Township Trustee
Aurelius Township Supervisor
Aurelius Township Clerk
Aurelius Township Treasurer
Aurelius Township Trustee
Bunker Hill Township Supervisor
Bunker Hill Township Clerk
Bunker Hill Township Treasurer
Bunker Hill Township Trustee
Delhi Township Supervisor
Delhi Township Clerk
Delhi Township Treasurer
Delhi Township Trustee
Delhi Township Park Commissioner
Ingham Township Supervisor
Ingham Township Clerk
Ingham Township Treasurer
Ingham Township Trustee
Lansing Township Supervisor
Lansing Township Clerk
Lansing Township Treasurer
Lansing Township Trustee
Leroy Township Supervisor
Leroy Township Clerk
Leroy Township Treasurer
Leroy Township Trustee
Leslie Township Supervisor
Leslie Township Clerk
Leslie Township Treasurer
Leslie Township Trustee
Locke Township Supervisor
Locke Township Clerk
Locke Township Treasurer
Locke Township Trustee
Meridian Township Supervisor
Meridian Township Clerk
Meridian Township Treasurer
Meridian Township Trustee
Meridian Township Park Commissioner
Onondaga Township Supervisor
Onondaga Township Clerk
Onondaga Township Treasurer
Onondaga Township Trustee
Stockbridge Township Supervisor
Stockbridge Township Clerk
Stockbridge Township Treasurer
Stockbridge Township Trustee
Vevay Township Supervisor
Vevay Township Clerk
Vevay Township Treasurer
Vevay Township Trustee
Wheatfield Township Supervisor
Wheatfield Township Clerk
Wheatfield Township Treasurer
Wheatfield Township Trustee
White Oak Township Supervisor
White Oak Township Clerk
White Oak Township Treasurer
White Oak Township Trustee
Williamstown Township Supervisor
Williamstown Township Clerk
Williamstown Township Treasurer
Williamstown Township Trustee
Justice of the Supreme Court
4th District Judge of COA - INC
Judge of COA 4th District
3rd District Court of Appeals
3rd District Court of Appeals - Inc
29th Circuit Judge - Inc
29th Circuit Judge - Partial
30th Circuit Judge of the Circuit Court - Inc
56th Circuit Court Judge
Ingham Judge of Probate
54A District Judge of District Court - Inc
55 District Judge of District Court - Inc
Dansville Village President
Dansville Village Clerk
Dansville Village Treasurer
Dansville Village Trustee
Stockbridge Village President
Stockbridge Village Trustee 4 year
Stockbridge Village Trustee 2 year
Village of Webberville President
Village of Webberville Trustee - 4 year
Village of Webberville Trustee - Partial
City of Mason Council
East Lansing Public Schools - regular
Leslie Public Schools - Regular
Eaton Rapids Schools - Regular
State Proposal 08-1
State Proposal 08-2
Ingham County Separate Tax Limitations
Eaton County 911 Central Dispatch
Millage Proposal CATA
East Lansing Parking Ramp
East Lansing Sale of City Land
Meridian Township Road Repair
Delhi Township Fire Dept Millage Renewal
East Lansing Operating Millage Renewal
East Lansing Building And Site Sinking Fund
Leslie Public School Operating Millage
Williamston Schools Recreation Millage
Northwest Community Schools Bonding Prop