Clerk of the Board of Commissioners

Constitutionally, the County Clerk is the Clerk of the Ingham County Board of Commissioners and is tasked with keeping the official record of the Board's actions. The Clerk's Office prepares and keeps records of all Board of Commissioners meetings where a quorum of commissioners is present. 

 The Record of the Board of Commissioners - Minutes & Audio/Video Recordings
To view the minutes of the Board of Commissioners for the current year, follow

Agendas and materials for upcoming meetings can be found on the Board of Commissioners website.

An archive of minutes from previous years can be found at the Archived Minutes page.

Certifed Copies of Resolutions 
To request a certified copy of any resolution that was approved by the Board of Commissioners, contact the Ingham County Clerk via email at or phone at (517) 676-7201.