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Doing Business As (DBA)/Co-Partnerships 
Filing a DBA/Co-Partnership reserves the use of the named business name for use in Ingham County only. 

The certificate expires after five (5) years.

If a DBA/Co-Partnership is not renewed, the name becomes available for someone else's use. 

All persons listed on the DBA/Co-Partnership form must provide their full names and addresses.  
DBA/Co-Partnership/Dissolution forms may be submitted in person or by mail. 

 DBA in Person
If you decide to file a DBA in person, all persons listed as owners must be present at the time of filing and must present valid government-issued picture identification.

Co-Partnership in Person 
If you decide to file a Co-Partnership in person, at least one person listed as an owner must be present to sign and certify the validity of the signatures of all co-partners. Valid government-issued picture identification must be presented.

 Filing by Mail
If you decide to file a DBA or Co-Partnership by mail, all signatures must be properly notarized.


New DBA/Co-Parternship Filing - $10.00
Dissolve a DBA/Co-Partnership - $10.00
Change of Address - No Fee
Certified Copy - $2.00

All new filings and dissolutions include two certified copies that will be provided to you.

Change of Address 

There is no fee to change the address of your DBA/Co-Partnership.

If there are multiple owners, all must be present to sign the form with the new address. 


DBA Certificate
  (form can be used to register a New Business or Renew a Business)

Co-Partnership Certificate

Dissolution of Co-Partnership or Business Certificate

Review Active DBA/Co-Partnership Listings 

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Limited Liability Companies, Corporations, and other State-Level Business Organization 

Please note: a DBA or Co-Partnership is not an LLC or corporation. 

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