Military Discharge (DD-214)

Filing Your Military Discharge Certificate—DD-214
After discharge from the military, veterans may place their military discharge certificate (Form DD-214) on file with the Clerk of the county in which they reside.
Who May Request a Certified Copy
Either the veteran, someone with their written permission, or their heir if the veteran is deceased, may request a certified copy of their DD-214
Requesting a Certified Copy
If you would like to order a certified copy of your DD-214, you may do so in person or in writing by email, fax, or mail. Your written request must be signed and include a copy of government-issued identification.

Military Discharge Record Request Form
Certified Copies are provided free of charge.
Veteran ID Cards
Since 2016, the Ingham County Clerk has offered a Veteran ID Card, so that veterans may prove their veteran status. Veterans may purchase a card in the Mason Office for $10.00 by presenting their military discharge certificate (DD-214) and government-issued identification. The fee covers the cost of the card and printing.